WORX WG303 Electric Chain Saw Review

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Do you need a decent chainsaw to take care of some basic needs around the home? You could go for a gas-powered chainsaw with plenty of power, but then again, this means always having to worry about refueling, plus they are not overly eco-friendly.

However, on the other hand, corded and battery-powered chainsaws tend to be a bit weak. Yet, what if you could get an eco-friendly corded saw with nearly as much power as a gas saw? This is what we are here to look at today, a high performance electric corded chainsaw, the WORX WG303 Electric Chain Saw.

WORX WG303 Electric Chain Saw 


The WORX WG303 Electric Chain Saw is a corded saw, but even in spite of this, it’s actually very powerful, and quite large. All things considered, this is a very affordable chainsaw that actually brings an astounding level of performance to the table.

Who is this product for?

The WORX WG303 Electric Chain Saw is designed for people who need a fairly large and powerful chainsaw to use around the home, for some pretty large jobs, but don’t want a gas-powered saw. This is a chainsaw that can muster nearly as much power as a gas saw, but without all of the fumes and pollution created through combustion.

What’s included?

When you purchase the WORX WG303 Electric Chain Saw, you get a saw with a 16-inch bar, a 14.5-amp motor, an auto tension system, and an automatic lubrication system.

Overview of features

The WORX WG303 Electric Chain Saw is quite an impressive piece of machinery. It is corded, but it also has a 14.5-amp motor. It may not be quite as powerful as an average gas powered chainsaw, but it does get pretty close. This is the next step down from a gas-powered chainsaw and it definitely has more than enough power for most limb and sapling cutting needs.

This WORX WG303 Electric Chain Saw has a 16-inch long bar, which is a pretty decent size. This saw is large enough to cut down small trees and cut branches, and for everything in between. All things considered, for the decent price, and for the fact that it is a corded saw, it’s actually quite large and powerful. It can do more than just small jobs, as is the case with many other corded options.

The WORX WG303 Electric Chain Saw features a low kickback bar for safety. Speaking of safety, this chainsaw also features a chain brake. It’s got all of the safety features that any chainsaw should come with.

It also comes with an ergonomically designed front handle, with a semi-wraparound handle to make using it a bit easier. This saw is designed for comfort and ease of use, which can also be seen by its relatively lightweight design.

What you may also like about the WORX WG303 Electric Chain Saw is that it comes with an automatic oiling system for hassle-free lubrication, and it also comes with an oil level indicator so you know when it is time for an oil refill. Finally, this chainsaw also has an auto tension system that does not require tools and also helps to prevent the user from applying too much tension.


Using the WORX WG303 Electric Chain Saw is about as easy as can be. Simply plug it in, hold it tight, and hit the power lever. This is about as foolproof as it gets.


  • Lots of power for a corded saw
  • Good length for decent size jobs
  • Kickback bar and chain brake for safety
  • Auto lubing
  • High quality tension adjustment system


  • Requires a power cord


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In case you would actually like a heavy-duty and powerful gas chainsaw with a full 20-inch bar and plenty of juice to match, something like the Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw might be right for you.

Greenworks 10-Inch 24V Cordless Chainsaw

On the other hand, if you don’t want to deal with power cords, and you want a smaller and more compact battery powered chainsaw, you could look into something like the Greenworks 10-Inch 24V Cordless Chainsaw.


As you can see, corded chainsaws can still be fairly large and powerful, as is the case with this WORX WG303 Electric Chain Saw. It might not have quite as much power as a gas-powered model, but it comes close, and it eliminates the need to worry about refueling.

In all reality, the 16-inch bar, combined with the 14.5-amp motor, is going to be more than enough for most needs around the home, even for fairly large tasks.

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