Small Evergreen Trees for Landscaping

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Whether you’re a first-time homeowner looking to spruce up your yard or old-hat at landscaping, it’s always essential to think about how you want to incorporate trees into your property.

The perfect kind of tree for landscaping, especially in the suburbs or countryside, is a small evergreen tree, more commonly known as a Dwarf Evergreen tree. These types of trees require very little maintenance beyond the regular watering and keep your yard green all through the winter.

The Pros of Small Evergreen Trees for Landscaping

Small evergreen trees are naturally compact. Unlike larger, unruly trees, you’ll find that there’s very little pruning involved in owning one. The evergreen stays green through all seasons, which means that even when the rest of your yard has succumbed to autumn and winter, your evergreen trees will keep your property looking bright and green.

Small evergreen trees, in particular, are especially easy to plant. Their small nature means that you won’t be left struggling with unwieldy branches or difficult roots.

Beyond just looking nice, planting a small evergreen tree is good for the ecosystem of your property, too. If you’d like to help out birds and small natural animals around your property, then planting a small evergreen tree is just the right move. These trees make the perfect home for seasonal birds.

Other than being easy to plant, small evergreen trees also come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, which gives you total control over what your yard should look like. If this is your first time landscaping with a small evergreen tree, you can get plenty of landscaping ideas from the Ideas 4 Landscaping website, which is perfect for homeowners who don’t mind doing the work themselves rather than hiring a costly professional.


Different Types of Small Evergreen Trees

Different small evergreen trees will add a different type of look to your landscaping. Here are our favorite types of small evergreen trees to add to your property and what sort of styling they’re good for.

Dwarf Serbian Spruce

If you’re looking for a tree that is perfect for foundation planting as well as compact gardens, the Dwarf Serbian Spruce is just the tree for you. It has a short, stout and round look to it, with white to the underside of the pine needles. This tree only reaches about 3 to 5 feet in height.

If you’re in a colder climate, you don’t need to worry about how well this tree thrives. The Dwarf Serbian Spruce can thrive in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit.

North Star Dwarf White Spruce

Landscaping requires having trees that can withstand the elements. This North Star Dwarf White Spruce is exceptionally hardy. This particularly small evergreen can grow to about 10 feet tall, but the compact branches give it just about a 4-foot circumference at its widest point.

This North Star is the perfect tree for framing your walkway or adding some shade to the windows of your home to keep cool during the hotter months. The North Star can handle up to -50 degrees Fahrenheit in the wintertime, which means that even if you’re landscaping in Alaska, this tree will survive even the coldest of winters.

Mugo Pine

This dwarf evergreen is particularly interesting and versatile. You can use this little tree for ground cover in your gardens. They’re a popular choice for many homeowners who are trying to spruce up their property with some pine greenery.

While these trees only grow between three to five feet tall, they can grow to about 10 feet wide. They look beautiful and add a bright spot of green to any property, especially during the winter, where the Mugo Pine can survive and thrive, unlike other foliage-type plants used for ground cover.

Small Evergreen Trees for Landscaping

Small Japanese Maples

For some homeowners, staying green all through the autumn and winter isn’t quite that important. In fact, how doesn’t love to see the leaves on their trees change color during the autumn months?

The Small Japanese Maple is just perfect for the homeowner who wants to have a unique color-changing pine. These pines turn from green to a beautiful orange and red during autumn. They reach just about 3 feet in height and can last for up to 15 years.

What Can You Do With Evergreens?

Evergreens can add so much to your landscaping. There’s so many more evergreen styles, sizes, shapes, and colors than just the ones we discussed. So what exactly can one do with an evergreen tree during landscaping property? Here are some ideas. And of course, the Ideas 4 Landscaping website has many more ideas for amateur landscapers.

Borders and Garden Beds

Smaller evergreen trees are perfect for making borders and garden beds. The often dark color of the small evergreens makes your flowerbed pop. Putting them in between brighter, more colorful plants will give a visual break to your property.

Covering the Foundation of your Home

Planting small evergreen trees around the foundation of your home can keep it hidden all year long. Your house will look much more put together and visually pleasing if you have a softer visual line separating the foundation of your home and the flat cut off of the ground.

Ground Cover

Let’s face it: sometimes, the winter can ravage the rest of our property and leave the ground looking dead and miserable. The best way to cover up all that changing grass in your garden or around your property is by adding a small, low-growing evergreen. The pines will leave your property green all year long.


With just a little creativity and some know-how, landscaping can be easy for any homeowner. One of the best and most versatile tools you have at your disposal for making your property stunning is access to small evergreen trees.

Hopefully, you now have some more ideas on what you can do to make your property flourish year-round. If you’re still struggling to figure out what exactly to do with your new trees, make sure to check out the Ideas 4 Landscaping site to help you get started on your landscaping plans.


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