Remington RM1645 Versa Saw Electric Chainsaw Review

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Finding a good chainsaw for a decent price isn’t easy, not in the least. You could always go for a large gas-powered chainsaw with plenty engine power and speed to cut down full-size trees. However, unless you’re looking to cut down full-size trees and more or less become a logger, you don’t need something so massive.

Gas-powered tools aren’t eco-friendly anyway, and when it comes to basic home use, they are generally considered to be overkill. If you want a decent-sized and fairly powerful chainsaw, one that won’t cost you a fortune, something like the Remington RM1645 Versa Saw Electric Chainsaw might be right for you.

Remington RM1645 Versa Saw Electric Chainsaw


Today we are here to review the Remington RM1645 Versa Saw Electric Chainsaw, which is a lightweight and ergonomically designed electric chainsaw, one that requires a power cord to function. No, it’s not huge or the most powerful, but it is comfortable to use, it’s large and powerful enough to cut saplings and small limbs, and at the end of the day, it’s one of the most affordable electric chainsaws out there.

Who is this product for?

The Remington RM1645 Versa Saw Electric Chainsaw is designed for people who need a decent little chainsaw but don’t want to spend a fortune on it. This chainsaw is designed for basic home use, such as for cutting apart small logs and pieces of wood, cutting down saplings, and for smaller sawing needs in general.

Be aware that this chainsaw needs a power cord, so it is not something to take with you on the go. This is the kind of saw you use around the home for small tasks.

What’s included?

When you purchase the Remington RM1645 Versa Saw Electric Chainsaw, you get a corded chainsaw with a 16-inch bar, a wraparound hand protector, and a push button oiler. Keep in mind that you’re spending around $180 on this saw, so don’t expect any special extras.

Overview of features

One thing that really stands out about the Remington RM1645 Versa Saw Electric Chainsaw is that it weighs only 9 pounds and features a very ergonomic design. In this way, it’s one of the most convenient chainsaws around. It’s the kind of saw you can use without fatiguing, although it doesn’t do a great job at absorbing vibrations.

The Remington RM1645 Versa Saw Electric Chainsaw features an 12-amp motor, which is powerful enough for most tasks around the home. It features a 16-inch bar and chain, also large enough for some pretty substantial jobs. It’s designed to cut through small branches and saplings. It’s not the largest or most powerful of chainsaws around, but it’s fine for basic use.

Something you may appreciate about the Remington RM1645 Versa Saw Electric Chainsaw is how it has a push button oiler for mess free chain oiling. It also features a quick external tension adjustment system, although it does require tools to make the tension adjustments. What’s also nice is the wraparound hand guard, a little safety feature for a bit of extra protection.

All things considered, even though this is not the number one most powerful saw in the world, it but for the price, you do get a lot of function.


This is a simple ‘plug-and-play’ chainsaw, so to speak. Simply plug it in, hold it securely, and hold the button down to make it go. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.


  • Decent size for home use
  • Push button oiler
  • Easy start
  • External tension adjustment
  • Powerful enough to cut through hardwood with ease


  • Requires a tool to adjust tension



There’s no denying that the overall durability and lifespan of the Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim Electric Chainsaw is not amazing. Sure, it’s a fine little saw, but you really cannot expect more out of such an inexpensive purchase.

If you are looking for a chainsaw that will last for years, and you are willing to spend a few extra dollars, you could always look into something like the BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw. It’s a good deal more expensive, but it’ll also last longer too.


As you can see, the Remington RM1425 Limb N Trim Electric Chainsaw is a decent little saw. No, it’s not the most powerful or the largest, but it should suffice for basic home tree trimming, landscaping, and gardening needs. Of course, you should not expect the world out of this chainsaw, but for the price, you really can’t go wrong.

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