Makita Chain Saw, Electric, 16 in Review

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No doubt, Makita chainsaws are widely acclaimed, and there are some pretty solid reasons for this preference. In this review, we will specifically talk about the Makita Chain Saw, Electric, 16-inch tool.

Here, you will find everything that you might need to make your decision.

Makita Chain Saw, Electric, 16 in

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The Makita 16” Electric Chain Saw is a great option when you are looking for an efficient and easy-to-operate tool. Furthermore, it’s a chain saw that is easy to maintain, and it ensures a clean operation due to its electric powered motor.

Who is This Product For?

Almost every homeowner with trees in the backyard would love to grab this chain saw. People who might need this tool include:

  • Those who need a tool to cut the excessive branches of the trees
  • People who don’t want a gasoline-powered chain saw
  • Those who are used to a clean and hassle-free cutting experience

What’s Included?

This product comes in an assembled form, which suggests that you won’t get any accessories or parts within the package. The package includes the Makita 16” Electric Chain Saw and a user’s manual.

Overview of Features

The Makita 16” Electric Chain Saw is known for its topnotch performance and durability. The built-in electric motor offers a speed of 2,900 FPM, which ensures efficient trimming and cutting.

It comes with a current limiter that helps to protect motor in case of excessive current. The availability of the electric chain brake ensures maximum safety.

For prolonged life of the saw, its chain is automatically lubricated with oil for safety and better performance. This allows you to perform continuous and substantial wood cutting jobs.

In order to make it comfortable to handle, the manufacturer has introduced an ergonomic and rubberized grip. The provision of a big trigger switch makes it possible to ensure smooth startups.

Talking about the performance, it offers unsurpassable cutting capacity and power output. With its 16-inch bar, you will enjoy a pretty good cutting experience.

Because it doesn’t run on battery, you won’t find any lag in the performance due to weak battery power. The outstanding cutting capacity gives maximum room for easily cutting tree branches.

If you are using a slow-cutting chain saw, it could turn out to be a frustrating experience. This chain saw is easy to use, as you don’t have to top up the fuel tank or replace the motor oil.

Just plug-in the chain saw into a power socket and start cutting. It’s an environment-friendly chain saw, which doesn’t emit any fumes or smoke. Furthermore, it doesn’t make much noise.

This suggests you can complete any job without disturbing your neighbors. In addition, carrying this chain saw is quite easy because it is created with lightweight materials. Due to its compact size, you can carry it wherever you go. This also makes it possible to store this chain saw within a limited space.

How to Use It

Check out this video to find out more about how to use this chain saw:


  • It’s a powerful and efficient electric chain saw. With this tool, you can perform a wide range of wood cutting jobs
  • This particular saw is a user-friendly tool, which is easy to operate and maintain
  • You can adjust its chain and blade without using any tool
  • Engineered for efficient cutting, outstanding performance, and hassle-free maintenance
  • Comfortable to handle ergonomically designed and rubberized grip
  • Relatively large oil reservoir and an easy to view window to check the oil level


  • Being a corded electric chain saw, you can’t use it beyond a certain distance without using an extension cord
  • More expensive than similar options


Irrespective of the features offered by the Makita Electric Chain Saw, you may find it not meeting your needs. In order to help you in making the most appropriate choice, here is another electric chain saw to consider.

BLACK+DECKER Electric Chain Saw


Below are the highly notable features of this chain saw:

  • Durable and affordable electric chain saw
  • Automatic Oiling System keeps the bar and chain lubricated
  • Impressive and easy to use chain adjustment mechanism
  • With its 18-inch Oregon low-kickback chain and bar, it offers unsurpassable cutting performance in almost any condition
  • Offers safety features like chain-break and kickback protection
  • Tool-free chain tensioning for hassle-free adjustment of the chain
  • Easy-to-view oil level indicator


If you are looking for a chainsaw that offers both the performance and ease of use, Makita Electric Chain Saw is a good option to consider. It has all the features that you may expect from a top-rated electric chain saw.

It is powerful as well as safe to use, which means it will perform efficiently without compromising your safety. Furthermore, this tool will amaze you with its ability to perform a variety of cutting jobs.

As a whole, the Makita 16-inch Electric Chain Saw is a great tool, and you won’t regret choosing this option.

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