Landscaping Ideas Where Grass Won’t Grow

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No matter how good or enthusiastic any gardener one might be if Mother Nature decides that grass isn’t going to grow in some parts of a yard or worse, all of it, then there is no debating with her. You then have two alternatives with the first being to simply give up, but we are sure you are not thinking about that.

Instead, we hope you are looking for ideas as to how you can landscape your garden, even if there isn’t grass growing in it. If so, we are going to cover a few that we hope you will seriously think about.

If you are looking for more than a ‘few’ ideas, then you should head over to the Ideas4Landscaping program by clicking here. There you will see that they have thousands of landscaping ideas, many of which are suitable for areas where grass will not grow.

Reasons for Grass Not Growing

Although it might seem that grass grows everywhere, it does need certain factors to be in place for it to do so healthily, and if any of these are missing then it might be the reason for the lack of grass in a garden.

First, it needs to be watered regularly and although cutting the grass regularly isn’t usually an issue, it will be if the cut is too short. A lack of nutrients in the soil can also prevent the healthy growth of grass so if you think that might the reason, it might be worth having a soil test done to at least to confirm or eliminate it.

The final reason could be a lack of sunshine, given that grass needs a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight per day to thrive. If the area in question is in the shade all day long due to a large tree or a house, then the grass has no chance to grow properly.


Ideas for Your Garden if the Grass Won’t Grow

If having tried everything to help it, the grass is still unable to thrive, all is not lost as there are several ways you can still landscape your garden. Here are just a few ideas that you might consider.

Use Artificial Grass

There is a phrase that goes ‘fake it until you make it,’ and that is exactly what you can do within your garden if you cannot get real grass to grow.

The ‘fake’ part is to use artificial grass instead, and before you start worrying that it is going to look obvious, think again. Many modern artificial kinds of grass are so realistic that it’s often the case that anyone looking at it or even walking on it, cannot tell the difference.

Polyethylene artificial grass is known for being soft and durable plus it has a wonderfully dynamic green coloring. Nylon grass is extremely hard-wearing and is, therefore, a great solution if expect it to have to stand up to a lot of footfall or children playing on it.

One downside is that these two don’t come with a particularly low price tag, so if you are looking for a decent artificial grass that also offers excellent value for money, then Polypropylene artificial grass might be worth considering. It’s not as resilient as the others we’ve mentioned, but it still looks great.

Build a Patio

If you can’t have grass as the main ground surface in your garden, you could decide to cover it with a patio. Building a patio can be done using several alternative materials such as brick, concrete, gravel and even wood. Regardless of which of these you choose, they are all relatively low-maintenance options.

Having a patio will allow you space where you could have a table and chair to eat out when the weather is fine, you could use it as a BBQ area, or place some recliners or soft cushioned seats for you and your family to relax in.

Grow Other Plants

Just because the grass won’t grow in your garden, it does not mean that every other type of plant is going to fail you. In fact, it is likely that there will be literally hundreds of different flowers, shrubs and even vegetables that would thrive.

Obviously, it is not a case of simply trying to grow random plants, so you should plan accordingly in terms of what you are going to grow, and where. Depending on the size of area it may be possible to have different sections for each type so you might want a vegetable plot in one area, and a rose garden in another to give but two examples.

Beyond these examples, you have countless options in terms of what you might choose to grow, and how you grow them. One other option you might wish to explore is to use one or more raised garden beds if you are concerned the existing soil isn’t nutritious enough.

AdobeStock 70374761

Build an Above Ground Pool

Above ground pools are increasing in popularity because not only are they relatively easy to install and maintain, but they also cost a lot less than building a traditional pool with all the digging out and concreting that has to be undertaken.

Once it is in place an above ground pool can be a great feature within your garden with the not insignificant advantage of giving everyone a nice relaxing place to cool off when the sun is at its hottest.

Another great benefit of above ground pools is that they come in many shapes and sizes and therefore you can build or install one that matches your landscaping preferences and the space you have available.

Thereafter you have an almost limitless range of landscaping options that you can use to complement your pool and to show off your garden at its very best.

If any of the ideas, we have outlined for landscaping where grass won’t grow have sparked you into deciding you want to start taking some action then we are grateful. Another action we recommend is heading over to Ideas4Landscaping. The program has over 7,000 landscaping ideas and plans which we’re sure you will be impressed with.


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