Landscaping Ideas For Pool Areas

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You have a nice outdoor pool, that you enjoy hanging out at, but you still think that it lacks something. Well, it probably is scenery details. Just like how you invested in landscaping your yard, investing in the pool area can go a long way into making it the focal point of your social gathering. But isn’t it expensive? It doesn’t have to be as long as you are willing to get creative and invest some time into it.

The Ideas 4 Landscaping website will provide you with some DIY tips and tricks that you will find handy for decorating a pool area. Now, before getting into the whole landscaping part, you will want to prepare the lawn around it – mow, pull out any weeds, remove dead plants, and be sure to sweep the pool deck.

Once you have done that, you will be all set and ready to create a vibrant scenery that will give your whole yard a new look. Stay with us and take a look at a few pool landscaping ideas that are affordable and easy-to-do!

Experiment With Pool Lighting

Much like when doing landscaping around trees, the lights that you invest in can really make a change to the overall scenery. The best thing about landscaping a pool is that you won’t have to focus solely on the lighting around the pool, but also play around with underwater LEDs, as well.

Start off by investing in some energy-efficient LED string lights that you can put up either by the wall of your house or above the patio that is next to the pool area. In order to prevent a potentially hazardous outcome, make sure that there is no risk of the lights being somehow affected by the water. Now, the string lights go really well with underwater lighting.


Efficient and bright, you can adapt the LED lights according to your mood, and set up red or green colors for when you are feeling festive, or a dark blue/purple for a relaxing night hangout.

While these lighting options are both budget-friendly and attractive, you can go for a more rustic scenery by investing in an outdoor fireplace – not only will it emit natural light, but also keep you warm and comfy during the chilly autumn nights.

Add A Stone Walkway

Moving on to rustic detailing that you can do around the pool area, adding a stone walkway is a resourceful and attractive investment. The best thing is that, as long as it is reaching the pool door, it doesn’t have to be particularly long. Now, this is the part where you can get really creative – making your stone walkway into a mosaic by using different rock types and colors.

You don’t need a specialist for something like this – check out a few relevant magazines, or the Ideas 4 Landscaping website and do your unique twist on those. Not only is a stone walkway more elegant, but it is also easier to maintain than the green grass that is common for around-pool areas.

Create A River Rock Border

Another great idea for the rustic vibrant scenery is to get funky with some river rocks. Have 20-30 of these transported to your yard and call in some of your friends for the arranging part.

There is nothing complicated about this – creating a river rock border is as simple as aligning the material and filling it up with some dirt. If you want to, you can add some perennial plants or succulents as additional detail to that landscape edging.

Landscaping Ideas For Pool Areas

Don’t forget that river rocks are a great mulch material, so almost any plant will thrive in this environment. Our personal favorites are Aloe Vera, Agave, Red Justicia, as well as Weeping Dalea. If you have a lot of free space around the pool area, planting a few live oak or palm trees can significantly improve the overall scenery.

Invest In A Hardwood Patio

Just as we have mentioned above, the patio is an essential part of the poolside. While you can follow the rocky scenery and focus on a gravel patio, making a DIY one out of hardwood is more fun and affordable. The pallet material will allow you to get creative at a low expense – a few leisure chairs with comfy pillows, a table, and the aforementioned round fireplace is all that you will need for a perfect poolside patio.

Don’t Forget About Your Privacy

Who doesn’t enjoy going for a light swim after a hard day of work? Well, while a pool and a landscaped area around it are both great investments, what good are they if you don’t have privacy?

Now, while a convenient method to ensure privacy would be calling in the fence-builders, we have a more attractive proposal – a live hedge made of trees, shrubs, and plants will contribute to the overall scenery while keeping your privacy in check.

Decluttering Is The Key

If you have an issue with imagining how your poolside should look, maybe it is time to declutter and decrease the number of items that are currently in the pool area. In order to create a unique pool landscape, you need to start from the beginning, and there is no way to do that unless you have got an empty space to think and build from. This doesn’t mean that you will have to throw away all the things that were there before – who knows, you might find a better use for these in the landscaping process.


When it comes to landscaping ideas for pool areas if you have the opportunity for an outdoor pool, be sure to make the most out of it. While the pool itself is a great addition to any average yard, there is really unlimited potential on how to make the poolside unique and something that others will chat about.

Whether you will focus on the bright and festive atmosphere provided by the underwater LED lights, or the rustic scenery ensured by pallet patio and a fireplace, don’t forget to enjoy the decorative freedom and have fun. So there you have it – the best landscaping ideas for pool areas!


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