Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

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Some landscape ideas are universal. There are always ways you can use a mixture of seasonal flowers and shrubs along with evergreens or other trees. The mixture of these is a classic combination and gives the homeowner a beautiful front yard.

There are many suggestions on the Ideas 4 Landscaping website that you can take advantage of when you decide to try to spruce up your front yard. Of course, your choices are dependent on your climate and your dedication to maintenance. This will play a key role in deciding what layouts you go with.

In the end, no matter what you choose from, it is a commitment you need to be sure that you are willing to make. Once you have set your heart on landscaping your front yard, you may want some fresh ideas. That’s why in this guide, we have gathered together several great options that will make your front yard stand out amongst your block.

Get ready for tons of compliments and questions on how you did it.

Ideas for Front Yard Landscaping

There are a lot of variations and combinations of plants and flowers that you can use to jazz up your front yard. Here are some of the best options:

Window Boxes & Floral Border

If you want to add a little visual interest to your entryway, one of the easiest and most effective ideas is to add a colorful border of flowers or flowering plants. It would be nice in the front yard to add a nice mixture of annuals and perennials. This is especially nice if you choose flowers that offer bright color contrasts.

Then to add in even more contrast adding in some bushes that will be there year-round will be a nice touch. Adding in a window box will bring attention to your home itself. This will add a heightened level of beauty and allow you to show a little of your personality before your visitors have even entered your home.


Entryway with a Mini Water Feature

Even with a small front yard with a little ingenuity, you can add a water feature to add a little extra style to your landscaping. You can take even a small nook and create a pondless fountain. You will simply have to add in a small pump into a terra cotta pot to help keep the water moving.

This is perfect if you have a shaded corner near the door. This is an excellent alternative to a rock garden. This is also nice for those who love nature sounds or want a little sense of relaxation as their guests wait for them to answer the door.

Wheelbarrow with Flowers

If you are looking to add a little vintage chic to your front yard, then utilizing a wheelbarrow with some flowers and ivy in it. This is a quaint idea that has fantastic potential to give your yard a little extra something. This is really nice in front of a small cottage or an older home.

You can use any number of flowers. The perfect types, though, are those that bloom with vivid colors and that grow into draping flowers so they can spill over the side. To make this work, you will want to use high-grade potting soil and keep a firm hand on your watering schedule.

Boxwood Edged Path

If you want to fancy up your entry path, a good idea is to add a boxwood hedge. This may seem simple and lack as much color as other options, but it lends a sophisticated look to your front yard. Boxwood shrubs can be shaped easily, and that means you can do them in a variety of shapes. You can choose to leave them tiny and shape them in rounded-edged or even use a trimmer to shape them into rectangle hedges.

If done properly, you should be able to urge your guests to use the path instead of treading on your lawn. You can combine it with ground cover creeping plants that offer a little splash of color. This may be a much easier landscape idea to maintain.

Seasonal Flower Bed and Evergreens

You can mix together a variety of flowers that bloom in different seasons is that you can have a steady color variation the whole year through. If you add in evergreen bushes with seasonal flowers for a lush cottage garden feel. This is nice when you had vivid colors that contrast with the greens and are more beautiful to look at.

You can add window boxes with the same variety of flowers to help bring more attention to the house and gives a cohesive look.

Potted Border

If you’re starting out with gardening, you may find this option the best choice. You will keep the pathway and border looking sharp. This idea is also easy to update seasonally. Pickup several pots and place them in a lovely pattern along the path, and then you will plant seasonal bulbs in them.

You can also use succulents or creeping groundcovers and switch them out seasonally. This is an excellent idea for sides of the house or places that seem to get less attention. This is also an excellent choice for a touch of pizzazz for short-lived flowers.

Stone Planters with Succulents

If you want a rustic look that is still modern and lives in a climate that is low water, a succulent landscape may be the way to go. You can get them in many colors, and these plants take less upkeep. You will want to play with textures by varying sizes and types. You can add a yucca plant and then an aloe of that you have different heights.

Then adding in some creeping succulents to fill in all the empty spaces, you will end up with a full and beautifully landscaped front yard. If you do live in a place that deals with extreme variations in the temperature, you can even bring them indoors to help protect them.

Evergreen Border with Colorful Flowers

Trying to keep away from including annuals? You can still get a bit of color without them easily. You can use evergreens, of course, but adding in some azaleas to help give you that pop of color in the spring and summer.

This flower comes in a wide variety of colors and is suitable for a lot of different climates. You can mix these with an evergreen that does not bloom and create an exciting display that brings a lot of attention to your home and yard.

Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Climbing Flowers on Trellis

If you want to add a little color to the side of your home, you can be a wall or trellis coupled with some amazingly bright flowers/ you can use alternating ivy and clematis to help create contrast from one trellis to another. These flowers are very showy and have a wide variety of options.

In fact, there are more than 300 to choose from. You will want to do this on the side of the house that gets the most shade, and you will also want to make sure the solid stays moist for best results.

Bicycle Planter

Want to add a touch of your personality to y front yard? You can always find a vintage bike and use it instead of a wheelbarrow or even a traditional planting scheme. You can sue the bike’s front basket and rear basket to plant hanging plants. You can create a shabby chic planter. Try leaning it up against a tree or the wall.

When you are choosing the plants that you want to use, try looking for brightly colored annuals and ivy. If you’re going to add extra flavor to this presentation, you can add antique signs or other antics. You will want to use high-quality potting soil and make sure your plants have the right drainage so that you have optimal results.

Circular Shade-Loving Flower Bed

If you have a grown tree in your yard, you can use it as a basis for your next project. It may be difficult, but once you have it done, you will definitely have a beautiful piece that adds a touch of something to your yard. You can find some annuals that will thrive in a shaded environment. You can even use some ground cover, as well.

You will want to create a flower bed edge with beautiful stones so that you create a tidy looking flower bed. This flower bed stones will help you be able to mow your lawn more manageably and without any disturbance of the flower bed.

Modern Cinder Block Planter Bed

You may think that cinder block planter might seem a little dull and straightforward, but they do not have to. If you alternate their location and height, you can create some interesting planters, and once you have those set, you can use succulents around the platers to add even more interest.

This kind of planter offers a modern look and will get a lot of compliments for sure. You can plant things that are suited to your climate. You will not want to overcrowd the planters to maintain the modern, simple yet clean look.

Driveway Bed with Lights

Taking time to add a narrow path along your driveway will add some extra style to your front yard landscaping. This will give your yard a little bit of a tidy look and allow you to add additional color to your otherwise dull yard. You can also add in lighting along the edge of the driveway and create an easy-to-follow path for your guests.

Finding a fun lantern too use can add a little something extra. Using these in-between boxwood shrubs and create some extra appeal for your house. You can edge this path with pavers or rustic stones. You will also want to use thick mulch, and this will alleviate weeds and make for less of an upkeep schedule.

Western Water Feature

If you are living where rainfall is temperamental or where water is not readily available, you may want to use drought-resistant foliage and flowers.

You don’t have to keep it sparse or straightforward, but choosing plants to use that take less upkeep and watering may be a smart idea. You can plant herbs that flower-like lavender or rosemary. You can also add a rock feature and a small fountain to add a little contrast and a touch of style.

Mediterranean Fountain Bed

You can use Mediterranean touches to offer elegance and balance to your front yard landscaping projects. You can use broad pathways that come together in a small square in the middle of the yard. If you flank the entryway with large pottery, you will add contrast in height, and they can be used to accent the fountain feature as well.

You can add some bright colored flowers to the flower bed. You can also use groundcover plants around the fountain, as well.

Stone Gravel Planted Beds

If you are more into the modern style of design, you will want clean lines and simple, and that is what a stone gravel bed does for you. You can even use contrast between the elements to create an air of sophistication. That coupled with a well-manicured lawn and you will have a yard that all the neighbors praise.

These also take almost no maintenance, and that could be great for a busy person. Tie in everything with perennials and shrubs interspersed randomly throughout the gravel bed. You can also add a status or geometric concrete shapes to add even more modernism. Or if you want to add a little rustic feel, try natural rocks.

Final Thoughts

When you are trying to add value to your home or simply wanting to add a little personality to a boring lawn, you can do some creative landscaping. These are just some of the most refreshing front yard landscaping ideas we could find. If you are still looking for that right look, there are plenty of suggestions on the Ideas 4 Landscaping website that can help you with more options.


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