Felco Pruning Shears Review

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Are you on the hunt for durable, sharp, and comfortable pruning shears that won’t fall apart at the first sign of trouble? If so, you have come to the right place, because we are about to review the Felco Pruning Shears, one of the best pairs of pruning shears out there, albeit a bit pricey.

Felco Pruning Shears 


The Felco Pruning Shears are a high-quality, durable, sharp, and comfortable pair of shears. We  need to say that these are some of the more expensive pruning shears you will see, but in our opinion, it’s always worth it to spend  few extra bucks on something that can actually get the job done.

Who is this product for?

The Felco Pruning Shears are designed for people who are serious about maintaining bushes and trees, for people who have a lot of landscaping to do around the yard, or even for professional gardeners, landscapers, and arborists. These are expensive and high-quality pruning shears designed for professional and/or heavy-duty use.

What’s included?

When you purchase the Felco Pruning Shears, you get a pair of aluminum-handle and steel-blade pruning shears, with the handle being covered in plastic to provide for good grip. They feature a spring-loaded designed with a safety lock.

Overview of features

The Felco Pruning Shears are made to last for a very long time. First off, they are made with forged aluminum handles and durable steel blades. Both of these metals are ideal for pruning shears in their own ways. The aluminum handles, although not quite as tough as the steel blades, are quite lightweight, thus making an extended job a little easier.

They may be lightweight, but they’re also more than durable enough so they won’t bend or warp with normal use.

Going back to the steel blades, they may be a bit heavier than the aluminum handles, but the weight of the steel blades combined with the super sharp cutting edges helps to cut through even the toughest of branches; cutting down whole trees is not going to happen here, but you should be able to make your way through some fairly thick branches with ease.

Let’s keep in mind that the Felco Pruning Shears come in a few different styles for a variety of pruning needs.

Going back to the handle, we like it quite a bit as it is covered with a thin layer of red plastic. The plastic is designed to provide you with some extra grip, as normal metal handles can slip out of your hands.

The plastic grip is something else that helps make life a bit easier, especially if your hands happen to get wet, as they often do when gardening. The fact that these pruning shears come with a revolving handle helps make things a bit more comfortable.

The Felco Pruning Shears are also spring-loaded with a heavy-duty steel spring, so they open up on their own, yet another factor which will make pruning easier and faster.

In terms of safety, these pruning shears come with a switch lock to ensure that they stay closed when they are not in use. All in all, although the Felco Pruning Shears are expensive, but they are high-quality pruning shears that will make your life as a gardener just that much easier.


There is honestly not all that much you need to know about using the Felco Pruning Shears. They are more or less like normal scissors, just for bushes and trees. It’s kind of an aim-and-shoot situation. That being said, pruning trees and bushes the right way is actually easier said than done, so below we have a short video to help you out on that front.


  • Sharp blades
  • Lightweight handle with plastic grip
  • Spring loaded
  • Safety lock
  • Rotating handle for comfort


Very expensive


Basilica Botanica Pruning Shears


There’s no point in trying to deny the fact that the Felco Pruning Shears are expensive. After everything is said and done, they’ll end up costing you around $60. If this is too much money for you to spend on pruning shears, you might want to look into the Basilica Botanica Pruning Shears, which feature an all-metal design and cost about 30 percent less.


The bottom line is that if you want high-quality products that will last for years, you need to be willing to pay for them. Yes, these Felco Pruning Shears are expensive, maybe more expensive than they ought to be, but then again, you get what you pay for, and here you get a top-quality pair of pruning shears.

If you are serious about pruning and gardening in general, we would say that they are definitely worth the investment.

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