Boss 251 Wall Mount Outdoor Environmental Speakers

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There’s absolutely no denying how therapeutic listening to music can be. You’ll agree that the sound is even better when coming from quality speakers.

Whether you’re relaxing by the poolside or on the patio, the right outdoor speakers will enhance your “me time” experience. Sure, you can use headphones, but they can be uncomfortable. And when you want to host a small outdoor pool party guests won’t want to take turns listening to music through headphones.

Are you looking for outdoor speakers that promise to deliver exceptional sound quality? Then consider the Boss 251 outdoor speakers.

Boss 251 Wall Mount Outdoor Environmental Speakers 

As the name suggests, these Boss 251 speakers allow you to listen to your favorite music while outdoors. But because of their versatility, you can still use them indoors too. They’re designed to provide you with a full stereo performance whether you’re by yourself or hanging out with friends.

Who is this product for?

These high-performance speakers are designed for people who expect nothing but crisp sound quality from their speakers.

If you happen to have Wi-Fi, you can enjoy these speakers even more since they allow for online streaming when connected to relevant devices. Also, if you prefer listening to music from your phone, you can make use of the Bluetooth functionality that allows you to play your music through these units.

The Boss 251 speakers are rather pricy but for the sound quality they produce, they’re worth the extra money. Opt for these if you can afford them and if your budget doesn’t allow, it’s worth saving up for them.

What’s included?

So, what items can you expect when you opt for this brand? Upon un-boxing your new delivery you’ll find two 2.5” full range drivers and a 5.25” sub-woofer.

For your convenience, the manufacturer included the necessary mounting hardware for easy installation.

Overview of features

First, you’ll appreciate how versatile these Boss 251 speakers are. They can either be wall-mounted or used as outside speakers. You can set them up almost anywhere, from your work bench to your alfresco area.

These speakers are compatible with amplifiers and receivers that are rated from 10 to 200 watts per channel. They come in a stylish white design that’ll definitely make you the envy of your friends.

But aesthetics aside, one thing you’ll appreciate is how durable these speakers are. It’s safe to say that you’re likely to have them for a long time because they’re covered in a waterproof composite casing. As a result, occasional splashes from your pool won’t damage them. Also, thanks to the same casing, they can withstand both extreme hot and cold temperatures.

The woofer has a multi-chambered enclosure designed to produce deep sounds at full low frequencies. Not only will you enjoy the bass frequencies but the same feature allows for minimal audio distortion.

To further enhance the sound quality, the manufacturer incorporated the articulated array speaker design. This feature will come in particularly handy if you’re playing these speakers in enclosed spaces such as your basement or workshop.

Because these speakers are portable, you can carry them anywhere with you. But unfortunately, the manufacturer didn’t include a carrying bag so make sure that you transport them carefully.

How to install 

Though they’re termed wireless speakers, you’ll need to have hardwiring in place before mounting these speakers. After that you can follow these simple and easy steps:

  • Drill holes into the wall where you’ll place the plastic screw anchors
  • Hang the mounts with the screws
  • Hang the speakers and crank up the volume!


  • Water-resistant
  • Durable
  • Clear sound
  • Versatile
  • Impressive bass


  • Quite pricey


Dual Electronics 3-Way outdoor speakers


Many people feel that these Boss 251 speakers are rather expensive. You can get cheaper alternatives such as the Dual Electronics 3-Way outdoor speakers which are also designed for both indoor and outdoor use. They come in black which is a plus if you’re not a fan of the white color that’s found on the Boss 251 speakers.

Polk Audio outdoor speakers


In case you want speakers that are more compact, you can purchase the Polk Audio outdoor speakers. They’re much smaller and easy to move around. But you’ll have to pay a little extra for this brand.


Pick the Boss 251 outdoor speakers if you want a quality product that’s built to last. They produce exceptional sound and can be mounted almost anywhere—whether indoors or outdoors. We love the deep sound they produce and outdoor noises will interfere with the audio quality. Best of all, they’re water resistant and can survive extreme weather conditions.

Most people find them easy to install. But you do have the option of hiring a professional for the installation job if you happen to find the process beyond your capabilities.

Does this sound like a product you’re looking for? Buy these speakers and enjoy your favorite music in style.

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