Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Fire Pits

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Fire and water are two natural elements that most agree they could just sit and watch for hours. There is just pure, natural beauty to their ever-changing forms, and people are social creatures, which is why we enjoy watching these things together.

There are few greater settings than gathering around a fire and swapping stories and having conversations with good company, and this feeling is universal for all cultures around the world. This is why the fire pit and fireplace are a common addition to many homeowners’ yards.

However, just because it is a common addition doesn’t mean your fire pit can’t be unique and stylish. Read on for some tips and ideas on how to design and create your own cozy social setting.

Resources and Research

Every good plan has to start somewhere, and planning something as permanent as this requires a lot of thought. It’s always good to have a few ideas of what you want before going in and merely building or having it made for you. You don’t want to be disappointed halfway through the process of installing your pit because you suddenly found a design you like much better.

There are thousands of resources, from magazines, books, and catalogs, to blogs and websites on the internet which are dedicated to sharing and brainstorming ideas with other enthusiastic landscapers. Naturally, it’s a daunting task, doing research, and you can quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer vastness of resources available to you.

For this reason, the Landscaping 4 You site could not be recommended enough. On this site, you will find out that this compendium houses over 7,000 landscaping ideas and tips for every aspect of your home, from your front yard to the backyard. Simply go through the various categories and use the ideas as inspiration for your own fire pit.

It won’t hurt using other magazines or websites like Pinterest too. However, these could be limiting as you’ll likely find that these resources are rather monotone and uninspired, as their ideas will probably be rather similar.

But once you’ve gotten some source material to work with, you can begin formulating your own designs and ideas for your unique, custom fire pit!


Design Based on What’s Available

It is essential to know what you’re working with before you begin finalizing your plans. Look at the space you have available, the affordability of materials, and the area surrounding where you’d like to have the fire pit. These are a few of the factors you should take into account when planning out your design, as they can help shape the final product.

For example, if you live in a coastal region with a yard that has a sunny view of the sandy beach and crashing waves, you might not want to get a fire pit with a design that is reminiscent of a shaded woodland.

Likewise, the materials you use will also help reflect the design you’re aiming for. For instance, using darker wood types with lake stones and a black steel framework might have a very dark-forest feel.

Furthermore, having palm trees surrounding a sunken pit of sand and some polished stone seats with outdoor cushions on them conveys a relaxed beach scene, if done a particular way.

Many people approach this task with an idea of the general atmosphere they wish to convey with their landscaping but forget to check if it will fit with their yard and what they already have. This leads into the next point, which touches on the basics, but the thing to keep in mind from this section is to try and picture the fire pit you want.

Then try and imagine it in your yard. If it looks good and fits, then you have in your hands a good idea. But there is always the possibility of it not quite fitting in and clashing with what you already have.

Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Fire Pits

Less is More

Now that you have a plan or an idea you want to execute, you need to approach it in the right way. As will pretty much all large and daunting tasks, break it down into the basics and work from the ground up. The basics are a great starting point, and when it comes to building a fire pit, it really isn’t any different.

You have to decide what the absolute essentials are, which for most would be the fireplace and the seating, and then start working on those. The idea behind this is to allow you to watch the evolution of your fire pit. Not only does this give you a sense of satisfaction, but it also allows you to decide upon decorations and additions as you go along.

You might determine that the tiled floor isn’t necessary or doesn’t fit with the seating and fireplace, and that a stone floor would be better.

The basics also let you know if your idea is a good one or not. On the internet and on Landscaping4You, you’ll see plenty of designs that are actually quite simple and basic and are all the more effective for it.

It is sometimes the cozier wooden log seats with a fire pit made of a ring of stones that leaves you feeling happier than the intricate, tiled floor with carved stone seating and a bricked fireplace.

Keeping it simple means you can stop the building process whenever you are satisfied, and then slowly incorporate more ideas if you still aren’t. Remember that it is always easier to add than it is to remove.

Finishing Touches

Once you’ve got all the basics down and you’ve mostly finished your idea and have a functional fire pit, you can begin adding the finishing touches. You might not even need to add anything, as you might decide that it doesn’t need anything more, and that’s the beauty of taking the approach of an evolving plan.

For those that still want to add one or two more things, remember to keep these things small. Hanging string lights or lanterns around is an excellent way to finish off the scene, and provide a cozier feel to the fire pit. Perhaps you’ve decided that maybe you do want that tiled flooring, or that you’d like to opt for stone slabs for the floor instead.

Maybe now that you have the fire pit, you can lay a path to it in gravel or stone, or with various bushes and small trees guiding the way. This is the opportunity for the creative in you to come out and make it properly unique.

Just be sure to keep your excitement in check and not too overboard, as you don’t want a garishly busy environment where you’re meant to be relaxing.

Final Thoughts

And with those finishing touches in place, you’ll hopefully be satisfied and happy with your fire pit, and you can begin inviting friends and family over for a cozy evening around a fire.


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