Above Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas on a Budget

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Above ground pools are popular and becoming ever more so. Some of the reasons for this include the fact that they can be relatively inexpensive to install, and they require very little maintenance.

Of course, there is the obvious benefit of the family having somewhere to relax and cool off on hot sunny days.

Other aspects that needs to be considered with respect to above ground pools are how the garden they are in is landscaped and given how that the pools don’t necessarily cost a lot, how this can be done on a reasonable budget.

To address these, we are going to look at some landscaping ideas that are ideal for gardens and yards with above ground pools, and that don’t cost a fortune to implement.

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Your Above Ground Pool’s Position

One of the most important factors to consider when deciding on a landscaping plan for your above ground isn’t the materials, the time it will take or even the budget, it is the location of the pool.

Actually, we should really say the position of the sun in relation to the pool and the trees that may surround it as one of the biggest errors many make is that they position the pool in a season other than spring or summer.

When those seasons come around, they then realize that when the trees and tall plants around the garden bloom, they cast a shadow directly over the pool. The answer is to make sure your pool is in a spot that will not be in the shade during the sunnier months.

Another consideration with regards to the pool’s location is to make sure it is on level ground. We don’t just mean lumps and bumps underneath, but more importantly, any incline that may exist within your garden.

The risk is that when it is filled with water excess water pressure comes to bear on a specific part of the pool’s walls with the possibility that it may give way in time. Depending on the wall’s material this could be dangerous and thus we recommend you level any ground that has a significant incline.

Now that we have covered what to consider with regards to the position of your above ground pool, let’s look at a few landscaping ideas you can implement without spending a fortune.


Totally Tropical

Sunshine, relaxing in a pool and possibly sipping a Pina Colada might conjure up images of the Caribbean so why not go the whole way and recreate it in your garden. Planting several tropical trees, shrubs and flowers can transform your garden into a wonderful location to both look at and to be in.

You could be so bold to plant a palm tree or two in your garden which would really give it that Caribbean look, but a word of caution is not to plant them, or any other tree too close to your pool.

The roots of the tree will continue to grow and there is the risk that they may grow under the pool and potentially damage it. The other reason is that if any of the trees are not evergreen their leaves will fall into the pool and they will all need to be removed.

Light It Up

One of the most versatile and creative ways you can add to the landscaping around your pool is with the use of lighting. Your options are limited only by your imagination as you can use all kinds of colors to give your garden, and your pool area especially, a very special atmosphere once the sun goes down.

Obviously, there are some safety precautions that need to be followed with respect to electricity and water, however, there are other options such as battery powered lighting.

Regardless of how they are powered, white or colored light can be used to illuminate the pool in its entirety or via each section of its walls. It can also be focused on specific trees and plants to truly enhance their appearance.

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Decking Plus

It is a tried and tested part of building an above ground pool to have decking around it but so many people miss a huge opportunity here and simply leave it as is. How boring is that? What we suggest you do is to give any decking you have in and around you pool a makeover to add some life and color to it.

One idea is to place large plant pots around the pool in which you could have shrubs that would enhance the appearance of your pool area. An alternative to the shrubs is to plant flowers that will truly make it a colorful sight when they all bloom in spring and summer.

Rock On

One of the least expensive, but most fun ways to landscape around your above ground pool is to add a rock garden, either to one side all around it if you have enough space available.

The rocks do not cost a lot and if you want to really keep your spend low you could locate and bring home your own rocks from the river for example if you were making a small rock garden.

Whether it is big or small a rock garden will bring lots of different colors, tones, and shades given that no two rocks are the same, and for those who like the minimum of work, once your rock garden is completed it will barely need any maintenance.

Hopefully, one or more of those above ground landscaping ideas on a budget has moved your plans along somewhat for your garden. if you’d like to see even more, and by more, we mean thousands of them, you should check out Ideas4Landscaping.

There you will find tons of plans, guides, and designs for landscaping projects of all kinds, including for above ground pools.


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